KidloLand App for children aged 0-5

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to shop. I can shop for anything, anywhere, anytime and never get tired of the thrill. The one thing however I’ve never been big on is buying apps and if I download an app it’s very rare I’ll buy the extra bits and pieces within that app.

I was however thrilled when asked to write a review for KidloLand as my daughter and I have this app on my iPhone and iPad and while we both enjoy it I’ve always been apprehensive about purchasing the subscription, (although there’s always been that little voice in my head saying buy it, buy it!) Especially since you need to re-buy the subscription each month/year. Now however after playing with the full app I honestly think that for the entertainment that it gives my daughter and the educational experience she is getting, I would definitely not hesitate, it’s also given me a bit of confidence to try other apps – KidloLand has taught me not all apps are a waste of money and some things are worth investing in.

The most immediate thing I love about KidloLand is how colourful it is. The screen is alive with bright and vibrant colour which just totally engages LMM. It doesn’t matter what group you go into be it the alphabet songs, or the nursery rhymes or the activities there is a hive of bold colours and amazing animation to keep a young mind occupied.‚Äč

My daughter can go from being a whingeing, crying mess to a singing and dancing princess bopping along to all the songs. The other thing LMM loves about KidloLand is that within each song there are things for her to tap and press. Be it apples falling off a tree or a kitty cat jumping up and meowing, or lights going on and off in a house when it’s touched she can tap away to her heart’s content and gets surprised every time something moves or makes a noise.

Old MacDonald Had a farm!
Old MacDonald Had a farm!

While LMM isn’t quite able to do all the activities on her own (activities are probably geared more for 2+) it’s a great opportunity for her and I to have some one on one time together; I help her move objects into the matching puzzle pieces, while I’m talking to her about what were doing and why. This time where I help LMM, be it activities from the farm group or the space group (there are ten categories in the activity section, and over 100 activities altogether) has become very important to me as its real mummy and daughter time. I love it when we’ve finished an activity and she looks at me and smiles when we get a “fantastic”, “amazing” or “marvellous” flash out at us.

Mummy and LMM doing activities together xx
Mummy and LMM doing activities together xx

Not all children’s apps are created equal and there is definitely a reason why this app won the “Spring 2016 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award.” Not only does it entertain children but it helps with their development, reading and language skills as well (while the song is playing, the words are running across the bottom of the screen). My daughter is trying her hardest to sing along to the songs and trying to do the actions, be it from Twinkle Twinkle or Row Row Row your boat or Itsy Bitsy Spider. It is a special treat to see the enthusiasm from my daughter as she participates never knowing that as she goes along she is learning.


LMM’s grandma and uncle also both love the app – we’ve been in Melbourne this week and the app which is easy enough even for the most challenged iPad user to use has come in handy when my mum and brother have been babysitting LMM (I think my mum called it a godsend!) My mum said ‘the colours are so bright it made looking at the animation fun and eye catching’ and she also said it was easy for her to navigate (something to remember for all grandparents I think.) Another thing my mum loved is that she knew so many of the songs and it brought back great memories for her of singing them with my brother’s and !.

Babysitting made easy for the relatives xx
Babysitting made easy for the relatives xx

The people at kidloland have been very kind and given me five, three month subscriptions to give away to some lucky mums or dads (or grandparents). This really is a great opportunity to see what your paying for and why it really is worth the money. With over 300 songs and over 100 activites your child will get so much learning and fun out of this app. Also on a security note to get into the settings side of the app you need to compelte a simple manths eqaution, which gives me piece of mind LMM won’t be buying things she shouldn’t or touching playlists we’ve created together.

To be one of the five lucky people to get this subsciption offer please leave a comment on my Facebook page. The first five in are the lucky owners of the three month subscription.

If you would like to try this app out please follow the links below:

Google Play Store


This is a sponsored post. I was given access to an educational app to help write my review. All opinions are mine. Thanks to the creators of KidloLand for allowing me to review this product!

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