The amazing 2’s xxx

I hear people refer to the terrible two’s a lot when it comes to toddlers. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t days that my child doesn’t push me to the brink of insanity or a nervous breakdown but the episodes are thankfully relatively short and don’t happen every day. I lovingly refer to LMM as going through the amazing 2’s.

I wake up every morning happy and ready to see what my little munchkin is going to say or do next. It also helps when I see her little face inches from me smiling and saying “good morning mummy” or “morning mummy can I have a bottle?” or “Mummy can I pwease watch cartoons?” always with a little sleepy grin on her face and having the most amazing little smell coming from her – until she shoves her bum in my face and says “take my nappy off please”. Generally there is a period in-between waking up and having to get to work that pushes me to the edge of despair – but directly after that I’m back to being happy and ready to see what awesomeness LMM will bring to my day.

I know that there are those out of you that are saying there is no way you wake up every morning happy and there certainly is no way that your child fills you with joy, happiness and laughter every day but I’m really sorry its true. I’m not writing this to make my life sound perfect because it certainly isn’t and my child and I certainly aren’t perfect either but I genuinely am happy every day and my daughter fills me with joy and happiness and laughter every day – even with her mini meltdown’s.

Each day is like a little mystery bag of laughter, smiles and you are one crazy little girl.

LMM turns 3 in September so I’ve especially found the last four months particularly eventful. The things coming out her mouth amaze me, surprise me, make me wonder how a two-year old has even thought of it, and on the odd occasion horrifies me like the time she heard the word for fucks sake on T.V and confidently turned around to me and said for fucks sake mummy (from that moment on only G rated is allowed in the house until she is asleep.)

I remember when I was pregnant a friend of mine said to me – When they’re a baby they’re cute, and then they turn one and they are cuter and then they get to two and three it just gets beyond cute. I thought to myself damn how do you get cuter than a baby……well now that I have a two-year old I totally get what he was saying. I’m not sure how much more cuteness I can take or I might explode.

In the last few months LMM has started singing show tunes like: tomorrow from Annie, songs from the Lion King and Frozen. She has also started quoting random sayings from movies into every day life – like the time we were in the car and I said something to her and she said Hakuna Matata mummy… well I’ll be damned you cheeky little minx 🙂

Some of LMM’s most classic quotes to come out her mouth are:

  • You have a big bum mummy and I have a little bum – well I never!
  • Don’t speak to me like that mummy – after I told her not to stand so close to the microwave while waiting for her bottle
  • You’re not my best friend any more mummy – After I wouldn’t let her watch cartoons in bed (that one broke my heart, but not as much as…..)
  • You’re not my best friend and I don’t love you – I took the high road and said “well that’s ok, I still love you and your still my best friend”
  • Don’t look at me while I’m on the toilet – but insists that I stay in the toilet with her to talk to her
  • May I please ask you a question mummy – then continues on by not asking a question but having a random conversation with me
  • Of course you can mummy, when I asked her if i could have a taste of her ice cream.

LMM and I were in Melbourne just recently and myself, LMM and grandma all shared a bed (you have to get mummy/grandma cuddle times in when you live in Perth), my mum and I were fascinated by the little conversations and thoughts going through her little mind. She chatted about her chocolate birthday cake, her pink peppa pink party, she named all the friends she had invited to her party all the while asking me little questions and asking if grandma was still awake.

Being a working mum the best time of the day for me is picking LMM up from daycare. The smile that lights up her face when she sees me makes the most awful or hardest days vanish away in a milli second. She is the light of my life and my rainbow on a rainy day. Then there is that hour before bed where everything else is put aside and she is like the devil incarnate put on earth to test and torture me…then she falls asleep after reading books and cuddle and kisses and I love you and she is an angel once more – who needs to go to an amusement park when you have a 2 year old – it’s a constant roller coaster ride.

I can’t wait to see what amazing things LMM does when she turns 3, although I’m not looking forward to the equally impressive tantrums and meltdown that I’m assuming will come with all the added 3 year old cuteness xxx

Strong and Indepent xx

Ever since LMM was at an age where she could communicate with me I’ve given her choices; nothing crazy just little things like: Do you want a big bottle or a little bottle? Do you want it hot or cold? What fruit would you like to buy?…You get the idea. My partner used to say to ‘me why do you give her choices?’ She’s a child just give her what she’s going to get.

Here’s the thing though, 2 years on and her daddy is now saying wow she really knows what she want’s and I can’t believe how easily she makes decisions. I think that is so amazing Aileen.

The thing is, as much as I love that my daughter is strong and independent and is able to tell me exactly what she wants there are times that it makes my life difficult….Like in the morning when I’m trying to get us ready for work and daycare. On these days I turn away and hold my breath and say “Aileen, you created this little girl, you gave her the freedom to make choices and know what she wants…now suck it up and get on with it.”

Easier said than done when your little munchkin loves to sleep in till 8-8.30 and your meant to leave for work/daycare at 9.30. LMM get’s up announces that she wants a bottle for breakfast, can she please watch cartoons but wants you to pause the cartoons so she can come with you while you get her the said bottle.

Fast forward to half and hour later, you’ve got yourself dressed and bags packed and ready to go but madam Magoo wants to-put her own socks on, and her own undies, and her own pants oh and she also wants to brush her own hair and teeth and don’t forget my vitamins mum. These are the mornings that I think… what have I created. To be honest even then that’s not really true, any other time of the day I have not a problem that she wants to do everything herself. I’ve alway encouraged LMM to learn to do things and try to do things herself.

But oh how the mornings are the bane of my existence!!!

Other than that though I’ve purposely given LMM choices and I’ve always shown her how to do anything that she shows an interest in learning. Why? Well, first because my mum always did the same with me and secondly because LMM has the capacity to learn and make choices. I’m hoping that as she grows up she can make her own decisions and not be swayed by peer group pressure or other people around her. She can stand confidently by her convictions and her choices and say NO when she doesn’t want to do something.

I like that LMM asks me “can I do that?” or “show me mummy?” I also love that when I give her a choice she confidently tells me what she wants. I hope that as the years go on she grows into a confident young woman that doesn’t need to rely on anyone else to make decisions or choices for her, or can make the choice between right or wrong because she’s been given the opportunity to have a voice that is valued and heard and her decisions are respected.

In the meantime I wish there was a little pause button for days I need to get to work on time xx

Mine xx

Little Miss M has entered into a new phase of being a toddler the everything is mine phase. It seems to have happened suddenly, one minute her favourite word is “no, no, no, no, no,” now it’s MINE (said while she crosses her arms in front of her and twists her body for added emphasis.)

Over the course of the last few weeks I find it funnier and funnier what gets added to her ‘Mine’ list:

  • When I get handed the receipt for her Christmas toy’s lay-by – MINE – honestly you can have that one if you want, it saves me paying it off!
  • The tea towel daddy is using to wipe his hands on while having pizza – MINE! 
  • Mummy’s phone and iPad at the same time – MINE.
  • Mummy’s bowl of Nutrigrain, even though LMM has her own cereal – MOINE (she had a wee accent going on while saying that one!)
  • As I go to open up her sippy cup for her to drink out of – MINE.
  • All  her books on her bookshelf that she has thrown into a big pile in the middle of the room – MINE.
  • The slide at the park – MINE  as she puts her hand up to a little girl and tries to stop her from coming near the slide (apologies to the little girl ensue with an added “she’s just learning to share I’m sorry.”) – luckily the little girl nodded in acknowledgement sort of saying hey it’s ok I understand I’m a big girl now!
  • My lip glosses plastered all over her face while she tries to hide them from me  – MINE, MINE,  MINE, MINE, MINE….. She really didn’t want to give up those Lip glosses.

Obviously I’ve started to teach LMM not everything is hers and that she has to share, but I’m sorry underneath I’m smiling and I’m laughing because well quite frankly it’s cute , adorable and just so comical.

I can’t wait to see what she adds to her MINE  list next xx

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