On Little Miss M’s Time….

Before I was pregnant my time was my own. I got up when I wanted, went out when I wanted, went to the toilet when I wanted. I think you see a general pattern emerging here!

My time is not my own ANYMORE.

Let me use this morning as an example:

I need to get up for work; Little Miss M (or for this and future purposes LMM) wants to sleep in (go figure a baby that wants to sleep in).

I have an hour and a half to get the two of us feed and dressed, bottles done, bag packed for the day, dog feed and leave the house so that it doesnt resemble a bomb site. LMM wants to scoot around in her wheely chair like a bad ass, while I chase her round trying to feed her like a little old hunchback. Twenty minutes later half of breakfast is down her throat, some on the floor, the chair, her face, on me (I think you get the picture).

I am now already behind on my hour and a half timeframe and it’s only breakfast.

Next comes trying to change LMM. I want to get her nappy changed and clothes on so I can get ready (when I say ready I really just mean brush away the morning breath and leave the house minus the P.J’s). LMM wants to test out her new ability to stand up at the change table and root around at all the goodies on the 2nd shelf.

I am now really running behind on getting out on time.

Then the clincher she poops, a big smelly one. Remember though, I’m on her time…Thanks kid!

I finally get out the house 2 hours later.

I go to work and the day is my own for a good 7 hours, I now refer to this period as MY time.

When we get home it doesn’t really matter that dinner takes forever, bath time goes from 10min to 20 min or that it takes me half an hour to get her dried and changed, I really am fine with not getting to eat my own dinner in peace because LMM decides its time to practice climbing up my legs I even don’t mind that it can take a while to get her down because she has bionic hearing.

I dont mind that my time is now her time, because really its now our time and quite frankly could you ask for anything better?

Love you LMM xxx

About Me

In 5 days I turn 36 years of age: I Still can’t believe it; to be honest I don’t feel 36. Yet there it is looming in the forefront the big 3 6! I have a beautiful 8 month old daughter who I love more than life itself. After trying for so long to have her somedays I just look at her and smile because she’s mine, everyday for me is a happy day because she is in my life (I should add in here because I have my partner in my life as well, just so he doesn’t feel left out, love you darling). xx
On Friday my partner and I get the keys to our new house, its been a long road and it’s finally coming to an end….Just in time as well as winter is setting in and the house we’re renting is freezing. It must be when an Irishman is complaining about it!
We can’t wait to start our new life, with our beautiful baby and see where the road takes us. It is certainly very exciting.
What else can I say about me, I wake up every morning thankful to have another day ahead of me. I try to be the best person I can be (there are certainly days that its easier said than done). I love my family, all of my family and cherish any time I get to spend with them.
Lastly and those that know me can vouch for this I love to shop….…For anything, no joking, I’ll shop for work, the house, myself, other people.I’ll shop for anything the thrill of the search and the exhilaration I get when I find what I’m looking for and the satisfaction when its mine all mine….

The Beginning

It’s nearly 1 o’clock in the morning and even though my daughter has only gone down an hour ago and is more than likely going to be up in less than 3 hours here I am wide awake obsessing over my new Blog. I have no idea what I’m doing….That is quite frankly putting it mildly! I however can’t seem to put my computer down and shlep myself to bed, I desperately want to get started even if to be honest I start off with a not so completed blog site……Can you say Eager Beaver!

Yet this is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. My motivation came from reading another mothers blog last night, what she wrote was simple and to the point and funny, so I plucked up the courage and did the final step to start my new journey (that of course would be to get my web hosting up and running). I thought that was me done and all I would have to do is start typing; boy was I wrong, there is a myriad of information and things to do to set up your site (If I was swearing anymore this is where I would insert the dreaded swear word f……k). I am however not swearing any more as my 8 month old already says mummy and yummmmm so I don’t want her next word to be profanity.

Well, I’ve started it may not be a very polished blog but its mine and hopefully the only way I can go from here is UP!!!

What I will do now however is drag my weary bottom to bed before my beautiful little one wakes me up for her 4 am feed.