You know your life has changed when….

A good friend of mine is about to have a baby; lets call her irishmamma! We met up at my house a few weeks ago and I was telling Irishmamma how surreal my morning had been. My partner and I had taken LMM to the animal farm at Hillary’s and we were sitting having some lunch at San Churro’s and I pulled out my little lunchbox full of toddler sized goodies. As I watched LMM delve into her goodies with enthusiasm my heart skipped a beat and I realised how my life had changed.

Now I was saying to Irishmamma “your life is about to change and your going to be where I was 10 months ago”, and now my life is changing again as LMM races ahead to being a fully fledged 1-year-old. So in the spirit of change I asked my friends who are mummies to tell me:

You know your life has changed when:

You have a wardrobe full of hot 7″ inch heels and sexy dresses and the only time you get to wear them is when you’re vacuuming your house (ok maybe a slight exaggeration, but I’ve been close to it!).

When your daytime makeup is some concealer (to cover the baggies) and chapstick and your nighttime transformation is concealer, chapstick and mascara….It’s all glam baby!

Gone are the days of cute little outfits and in are track suit pants and track suit tops (covered in poop and vomit and snot!).

A night out without the baby consists of a trip to the Indian for take away a bottle of wine and movie on Netflix (never to be finished as your asleep after your 2nd sip of red).

Housework gets done at 10pm at night as this is the only alone time you get alone without an appendage stuck to you.

Your clutches are gathering dust in your wardrobe as you now travel with a suitcase.

A sleep in is…….There is no such thing, as you need to sleep to have a sleep in!

Instead of arriving on time you think you’re doing well if you’re 15 min late……..This is compared to the 1hr you would run late when you first became a mother.

You no longer want to buy for yourself just your little bundle of joy.

Your partner acts like a baby just to get some attention…..Note to all men out there, this is not an attractive quality. We already have a baby, we need a man not a manbaby!)

You’re holding poo in your bare hands.

Drinking hot coffee (or hot anything for that matter) is a luxury.

Having a shower is a luxury.

The consistency of your childs pooh dictates your meal plan…..and you think sweetcorn should be outlawed.

There’s pooh on your carpet and you don’t really care! (I’m starting to see a poohey trend here!)

Going to the Supermarket on your own is an outing.

Getting a full nights sleep is a luxury (Amen sister).

My life has changed and its going to change again and again and again……but it’s all fun and games as far as I’m concerned xx

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