Things to teach LMM x

To my darling daughter,

I hope that I can teach you everything that’s on this list and more. As you grow I hope that I add to this list and set you off on your life with a well-rounded sense of right and wrong helping you become a great young woman. You are my life, my treasure and my angel. You bring joy to everyone’s life that you touch and I hope that you always keep that loving joy and innocence that is present in you every day xx

So to that end my sweet child my words of wisdom I hope to teach you throughout your life:

* Always stand up for yourself and for those who are weaker than you
* Treat others with love and kindness, or as my grandpa would say treat others how you would want others to treat you
* Lead by example, don’t ask of others that of which you’re not willing to do yourself
* Try not to lie even little white lies have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass!
* No stealing, People work hard for what they have, why should you steal to get what you want
* Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, even if it seems like you are standing alone
* Never let anyone put you down or make you feel less of a person
* Never let anyone man or woman lay a hand on you EVER, to that end don’t let anyone physically or mentally abuse you!
* Don’t judge, no one really knows what is going on in another person’s life
* Give people a chance before you write them off
* Work hard, but make sure that you enjoy your life
* Go after your dreams
* Look after yourself, eat well and exercise
* Follow a good beauty routine (in the long run it’s cheaper than plastic surgery)
* Drink plenty of water
* Try not to binge drink….it kills off much-needed brain cells 🙁
* Don’t give in to peer pressure, even if it seems like the easiest option at the time
* Don’t do drugs… they are addictive and they can kill or ruin your life
* Smile and laugh a lot its the best medicine
* If you fall down or fail its ok just get back up and keep on trying
* Don’t let yourself be manipulated by anyone, use your own mind and make your own judgements
* Don’t be afraid to love and be loved
* Don’t let an opportunity pass you by
* Don’t be scared
* As long as I’m around your never alone and I’ll always have your back
* Listen to your mother without rolling your eyes, there will come a day when you will realise I know what im talking about!
* Dont fall out with your family, no matter what you do I will always love you and I will never shut you out from my life, if anything ever happened to you and I wasn’t talking to you I could never forgive myself. Family and especially a mum and a dad should never stop talking to their child (within reason)
* Don’t stay in a relationship if you’re not happy, you only get one life you don’t want to wast it in an unhappy relationship
* Belive in yourself, you are beautiful inside and out and you can do anything that you set your mind too
* I will love you always no matter what, with no limitations or restrictions.
* I will never do anything to hurt you and I will never let anyone else do anything to hurt you.
* Dont’ be afraid to ask others for help
* Grow up believing the best in people
* When your wrong say your sorry, it goes a long way
* Always strive to be the best version of yourself, reach for the stars and live your life amazingly
* Always go for what you want as long as you don’t purposely hurt anyone along the way
* Do things for others without expecting anything back in return, the gift is in the giving!

P.S small side note….. No one likes a whinger, a bitchy person, an angry person or a moody person so try and limit these things to only when really needed!

Love always your mother xx

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