Protect, Love, Cherish

I look at my daughter as she lies on the couch asleep next to me and the love I feel for her knows no bounds. The need to protect her from the evils in the world consume my daily thoughts and makes me want to cherish her all the more.

It is inconceivable to me that there is anyone that can hurt a child. The innocence that they have when they look at you and smile or laugh or cry is something that no one has the right to take away – yet it happens every second of every day. There is some monster out there that feels the need to extinguish the flame of light that only a child has.

More and more over the last couple of months as I hear one story after another of men and women abusing children, murdering children or neglecting children it fills me with anguish and makes me hold my daughter all the more tightly. But it also does something else to me; it makes me feel fear. Fear that while in my hands my child will never be anything but loved, protected and cherished there are those that live out there in my child’s world that would mean to cause her harm.

There is already so much that can affect a child’s life and make it difficult – Be it poor health, poverty, disability or any other manner of things. Why are there those that prey on the innocence of a child. A child that has no means to fight back, to speak up for itself, to be heard. A child who only wants to be loved, protected, to feel safe and secure. Brutal monsters that deserve the worst punishment that could be placed upon anyone. The weakness that must be inside them as a human to show such brutality to a child that cannot defend itself or fight back.

My heart is filled with love and sorrow for any child that is wronged by those that should be protecting them. I say this because as far as I’m concerned whether a child is yours or not we all have an obligation to love, protect and cherish every child born into this world. I sometimes wish that I could take in every child that needs it, or lock up any person that could potentially cause harm to a child. If only we had the ability to be able to pick them out; if only we could get rid of them before they have the chance to hurt a child. If only I knew with 100% certainty that without me or her daddy near her my daughter would be safe.

I know that there will be those out there that will say there are reasons why people do what they do to children. Listen you don’t need to tell me I did sociology and psychology at university. I’ve read all the theory and psychology on people that commit violent crimes against children. However none of that even registers on your brain once you have a child. All of a sudden every child is your child. I can’t even watch a baby cry on T.V anymore without the tears streaming down my eyes and that’s just make believe. My heart shatters into a million pieces when I hear or read real life stories of the things that are done to children.

My daughter is a spoilt, loved and fiercely protected little Madame. I only wish that every child had her life. That’s why if I’m out and I meet a child I try to make them smile or laugh. You never know if that’s the only kindness they’ve been shown that day. Every time you get the chance to cuddle a child, or show them kindness or make them laugh or stop it from crying or make a positive change in its life take it. The child may not be yours but surely a child can’t be shown too much kindness and love. As you read the horrific stories that are recorded daily let’s try and make a difference in as many children’s lives as we can.

After all children bring so much joy to our lives. The wonder that they have for the world around them, the way that small things make them happy and the strangest things keep them occupied. The pure innocence that is a child as they go about their day to day lives and look up at those they trust. They find curiosity in everyday life and laugh at….well anything. Not a bad bone lies within their little bodies. Only within the bodies of man does there lie evil and the ability to do harm to those that cannot protect and defend themselves.

My heart goes out to all the children that never got the chance to grow at the hands of those that shouldn’t be allowed to go on.

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Mine xx

Little Miss M has entered into a new phase of being a toddler the everything is mine phase. It seems to have happened suddenly, one minute her favourite word is “no, no, no, no, no,” now it’s MINE (said while she crosses her arms in front of her and twists her body for added emphasis.)

Over the course of the last few weeks I find it funnier and funnier what gets added to her ‘Mine’ list:

  • When I get handed the receipt for her Christmas toy’s lay-by – MINE – honestly you can have that one if you want, it saves me paying it off!
  • The tea towel daddy is using to wipe his hands on while having pizza – MINE! 
  • Mummy’s phone and iPad at the same time – MINE.
  • Mummy’s bowl of Nutrigrain, even though LMM has her own cereal – MOINE (she had a wee accent going on while saying that one!)
  • As I go to open up her sippy cup for her to drink out of – MINE.
  • All  her books on her bookshelf that she has thrown into a big pile in the middle of the room – MINE.
  • The slide at the park – MINE  as she puts her hand up to a little girl and tries to stop her from coming near the slide (apologies to the little girl ensue with an added “she’s just learning to share I’m sorry.”) – luckily the little girl nodded in acknowledgement sort of saying hey it’s ok I understand I’m a big girl now!
  • My lip glosses plastered all over her face while she tries to hide them from me  – MINE, MINE,  MINE, MINE, MINE….. She really didn’t want to give up those Lip glosses.

Obviously I’ve started to teach LMM not everything is hers and that she has to share, but I’m sorry underneath I’m smiling and I’m laughing because well quite frankly it’s cute , adorable and just so comical.

I can’t wait to see what she adds to her MINE  list next xx

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Monday Girl xx

I’m a Monday girl.

A Monday girl sounds a little something like this:

* As I stuff a Chocolate chip muffin into my mouth – “I really need to cut out junk food – I’ll start on Monday”
* As I force the last bit of chicken Vindaloo down my throat – “On Monday I really have to start making healthier food choices.”
* While sitting at the drive-through at McDonald’s – “Seriously this isn’t funny any more on Monday I really need to go on a diet”
* “Right that’s it on Monday I’m going to change my lifestyle start eating properly and exercise,” (this is said at the café down the street today while ordering a bacon and egg sandwich and a cup of tea) my friend that’s with me say’s “but it’s Monday today” – “well I know that but it seems silly to start tomorrow now!”


* As I sit on the couch with LMM watching frozen, eating a bag of Buttered Popcorn – “I’m going to start exercising on Monday”
* At 3am while on my laptop, after I’ve just complained to my partner how tired I am – “On Monday I’m going to start going to bed at a reasonable hour and stop staying up so late”
* I’m going to get my self super organised on Monday ready for the week ahead (ha, ha, ha)

On Monday is my mantra, I really need to change that……Maybe I’ll start on Monday!

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Parenting – Viking Vs 2016

I’ve just finished watching the four seasons of Vikings. I honestly never thought I’d like this series (it’s to bloody for me I’m afraid) but my mum and a friend from work both said watch it you’ll get hooked……. Well I did – love it to bits.

But it’s got me thinking; thinking about the way parenting has changed since the Viking days. The Vikings for all their brutality couldn’t have gotten it all wrong, were still here after all! Now, life was tough back then most children didn’t survive past the age of five and if they got to five they were lucky to see 20. If I was a Viking mother I’d be considered a fossil ready for replacement with a newer and sexier Viking version (Look, if it’s going to happen at least replace me with the hot and sexy Lagertha, now she’s a fine specimen of a Viking mother!)

If we compared children being brought up back then to how they are now, the Viking race would have social services called on them. Certainly no one would read their blogs if they had one – after all no one wants to read a blog from a Viking who shags in front of the children, leaves the kids with anyone who will take them and feeds them the same thing day in and day out. There’s just no good parenting advise there. Come on though surely they got a few things right that we could learn from?

Back in the day, Vikings were either at home or sailing the oceans to find new lands to plunder and pillage; so families were either in a boat together, living in a makeshift tent or in the cramped family home. Now to have sex there was no choice; they just got on with it… Wamb bamb thank you Viking man! Today if your really lucky one of the kiddies will have snapped a real nasty shoot of dad’s butt in the air with his hands over mum’s boobies for modesty posted onto Snap Chat or Instagram, it would wind up on facebook and the next thing you know Child Protection would be on your doorstep and everyone on social media would have a comment to make. Parents today are always talking about there not being enough sex in the relationship or that there’s not enough time or the old “I haven’t had time for a wax scenario” – Let’s face it though men don’t really care so I think it’s safe to say today’s man still has a little “Viking” left in him. Perhaps we should just be grabbing the Viking by the beard so to speak and go for it, even if the kids are in the other room watching sponge bob square pants and you haven’t put it into your calendar.

Right back to the Viking children who as it happens were left with aunt’s, uncle’s, neighbour’s for months or even years. Parents did what they had to do to get on. Yet children lived and grow into self-sufficient adults knowing where they belonged and they had a wider, larger family network: In 2016 mum’s feel guilty leaving their child at daycare to go to work, or at a family member’s house to go have their hair done or just to have me time. In Viking times it was called survival and it wasn’t uncommon practice to look after other’s children. Today however you’re neglecting your child if you’re not thinking about them or with them 24/7.

Viking children learnt to fight from a young age, or they were helping mum in the home or dad on the farm; they did because they had to there was no choice or negotiating… Children in 2016 are allergic to house work and want compensation in the form of luxury goods or money for performing tasks that they should be doing any way. Quick call a social worker I’m using my child for slave labour…. I got LMM to put her apple core in the bin (insert shock horror here.)

Back in the day of the Viking you had a diet of fish, any meat that could be killed and the crudest of vegetables – there was no choice, no alternative and no media portraying to mum’s that they’re not doing the best by their children if their meals aren’t gluten free, dairy free, preservative free, organic and free range.’ Viking children were lucky to have enough to eat, unlike our fussier, more spoilt 2016 counterparts that think it’s ok to let mum and dad do some negotiating here as well…..’Ok mum I’ll see your pot roast and I’ll raise you a nut fudge sunday,’ – Viking child ‘I don’t want to eat this,’ Viking parent – whack over the head of said child and a nice short ‘eat now.’ – Yes Sir!

Look don’t get me wrong I certainly wouldn’t want to live back in the Viking days… Although the men seem a lot taller and manly than some of today’s men who just love their skinny jeans and moisturiser (Only joking honest, nothing wrong with a bit of moisturiser.) I think the reality is we should all give ourselves and others a break. Let people parent and get on with their jobs of raising amazing little humans. We should all stop being so critical and judgemental of ourselves and others and lets face it we can be. We could just try and leave the kids with the in-laws once in a while, have more sex, give our kids some chores and food, well let’s stop stressing about what they are not eating and just be thankful they are eating. Maybe we should all try and find our “Inner Viking.”

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KidloLand App for children aged 0-5

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to shop. I can shop for anything, anywhere, anytime and never get tired of the thrill. The one thing however I’ve never been big on is buying apps and if I download an app it’s very rare I’ll buy the extra bits and pieces within that app.

I was however thrilled when asked to write a review for KidloLand as my daughter and I have this app on my iPhone and iPad and while we both enjoy it I’ve always been apprehensive about purchasing the subscription, (although there’s always been that little voice in my head saying buy it, buy it!) Especially since you need to re-buy the subscription each month/year. Now however after playing with the full app I honestly think that for the entertainment that it gives my daughter and the educational experience she is getting, I would definitely not hesitate, it’s also given me a bit of confidence to try other apps – KidloLand has taught me not all apps are a waste of money and some things are worth investing in.

The most immediate thing I love about KidloLand is how colourful it is. The screen is alive with bright and vibrant colour which just totally engages LMM. It doesn’t matter what group you go into be it the alphabet songs, or the nursery rhymes or the activities there is a hive of bold colours and amazing animation to keep a young mind occupied.​

My daughter can go from being a whingeing, crying mess to a singing and dancing princess bopping along to all the songs. The other thing LMM loves about KidloLand is that within each song there are things for her to tap and press. Be it apples falling off a tree or a kitty cat jumping up and meowing, or lights going on and off in a house when it’s touched she can tap away to her heart’s content and gets surprised every time something moves or makes a noise.

Old MacDonald Had a farm!
Old MacDonald Had a farm!

While LMM isn’t quite able to do all the activities on her own (activities are probably geared more for 2+) it’s a great opportunity for her and I to have some one on one time together; I help her move objects into the matching puzzle pieces, while I’m talking to her about what were doing and why. This time where I help LMM, be it activities from the farm group or the space group (there are ten categories in the activity section, and over 100 activities altogether) has become very important to me as its real mummy and daughter time. I love it when we’ve finished an activity and she looks at me and smiles when we get a “fantastic”, “amazing” or “marvellous” flash out at us.

Mummy and LMM doing activities together xx
Mummy and LMM doing activities together xx

Not all children’s apps are created equal and there is definitely a reason why this app won the “Spring 2016 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award.” Not only does it entertain children but it helps with their development, reading and language skills as well (while the song is playing, the words are running across the bottom of the screen). My daughter is trying her hardest to sing along to the songs and trying to do the actions, be it from Twinkle Twinkle or Row Row Row your boat or Itsy Bitsy Spider. It is a special treat to see the enthusiasm from my daughter as she participates never knowing that as she goes along she is learning.


LMM’s grandma and uncle also both love the app – we’ve been in Melbourne this week and the app which is easy enough even for the most challenged iPad user to use has come in handy when my mum and brother have been babysitting LMM (I think my mum called it a godsend!) My mum said ‘the colours are so bright it made looking at the animation fun and eye catching’ and she also said it was easy for her to navigate (something to remember for all grandparents I think.) Another thing my mum loved is that she knew so many of the songs and it brought back great memories for her of singing them with my brother’s and !.

Babysitting made easy for the relatives xx
Babysitting made easy for the relatives xx

The people at kidloland have been very kind and given me five, three month subscriptions to give away to some lucky mums or dads (or grandparents). This really is a great opportunity to see what your paying for and why it really is worth the money. With over 300 songs and over 100 activites your child will get so much learning and fun out of this app. Also on a security note to get into the settings side of the app you need to compelte a simple manths eqaution, which gives me piece of mind LMM won’t be buying things she shouldn’t or touching playlists we’ve created together.

To be one of the five lucky people to get this subsciption offer please leave a comment on my Facebook page. The first five in are the lucky owners of the three month subscription.

If you would like to try this app out please follow the links below:

Google Play Store


This is a sponsored post. I was given access to an educational app to help write my review. All opinions are mine. Thanks to the creators of KidloLand for allowing me to review this product!

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