Every minute of every day xx

I read a blog on Facebook recently, where the woman blogger wrote “any woman that say’s they love being a mother every moment of every day is lying.” Well as a rule I don’t usually respond or comment on other people’s opinions, but on this one I’m going to make an exception.

I do love being a mother every minute of every day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Oh and I’m not LYING!

Now I’m not saying that being a mother is easy every minute of every day, because let’s face it, it’s not. There are days I’m exhausted as I drop my daughter off at daycare and then trudge my way to the car to go to work and it’s only 9.30am – days like this I sigh and put on my big girl panties and say to myself “go on, get on with it.”

What gets me through my day as I sit at my desk is the tiny little person waiting for me to pick her up from daycare. That is one of the best parts of my day. When I see her little face smile at me as she catches a glimpse of me from whatever toy she’s playing with my heart melts and no matter how tired I am or how busy a day I’ve had everything is better. I love being a mum to this little girl every second of every day!

I know that not every woman finds being a mother the easiest or most natural thing in the world and babies and children sure don’t come with an instruction manual, but just because there are women out there that feel as if they don’t love being a mother all the time and perhaps in some cases not at all, no one should push that feeling onto the women who do love being mums and feel that they are pretty damn good at it.

Being a mother is a privilege; we get to do something with our bodies that is a pure miracle. We grow a life; a tiny little human who depends on us for everything. There is no purer form of love than that you get from your child, how could you not love this little person every second of every day. A child’s love is unconditional they love you no matter what. That love should be reciprocated ten times over.

There have been days since my daughter turned two that I haven’t particularly liked her very much. When she turned two it’s like a little naughty switch turned on automatically. There was a day this week that she pushed me and pushed me all day and her nana as well. It got to 10pm and the little brat was still going. I just wanted her to go to sleep so I could sit down for five minutes. No I definitely didn’t like her very much that day, but I still loved her throughout it all. Every second of her terrible two, brattish behaviour!

Being a mother is not always easy, it’s challenging at times and exhausting a lot of the time but the rewards you get in return far outweigh any of this. So just to make it clear one last time with the love that my daughter gives me every day there is no other outcome for me……I love my child every moment of every day xx