At precisely 5.09am this morning the 27th April 2016 my daughter LMM had an EPIC tantrum.

I’ve been told by many that it will happen; my aunts, mum and grandmas have told me the stories, friends have told me stories and the women at LMM’s daycare have told me stories. All the stories are of children having a meltdown over the silliest things imaginable you wouldn’t even rate it as being true…..An urban myth so to speak.

I’ve heard the tails of children melting down over the wrong bowl being given to them for breakfast, or they don’t like the way you brushed their hair or even just for looking in their general direction! 

It’s not that I didn’t believe the stories I’d been told; I have two younger brothers and I’ve seen my fair share of hissy fits. The reality is whether by choice or design (so that you procreate) you get a bit hazy on how bad it is.

Well, this morning I was catapulted back to reality with an all mighty WALLOP! Figuratively speaking of course, LMM isn’t big enough yet to batter her mummy!

I brought her into bed with me after my partner had gone to work as she woke up and wanted a bottle. I went to put her down like so many other times and BAAMM!!!! It started; a scream so piercing and so loud the actors from Scream would look like amateurs compared to my daughter. Then in the midst of the screaming there was the pillow moving, bottle throwing, dummy chucking and head shaking (cue an image of  the girl from the Exorcist…..minus the vomit!).

In between this there were moments of calmness and there were tears; and  while I was in utter shock and honestly had no idea how to handle this melodrama that was unfolding in front of me I had a moment.

A moment where I was in LMM’s head and the characters of Inside Out were controlling her emotions as they do in the movie. Anger had definitely played his part at the beginning, disgust had also played her hand as LMM threw the offending pillow out of her sight, sadness was playing out in front of me in that moment. Then I smiled (note here I didn’t say laugh, I was still in too much shock and disbelief to do that) because I realised that not only is that movie scarily funny and true but there was a light at the end of the tunnel and her name was JOY!

After 35 min it stopped and my daughter sobbed herself back to sleep. I prayed the neighbours didn’t think I was torturing LMM and I thanked the universe for giving me the strength to get through the ordeal without losing my patience or temper. 

LMM woke up as bright and chipper as always as if nothing had happened and all I could think as I smiled and laughed at her beautiful smile was thank you JOY!  xx

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