Mother’s Day xx

Roses are red violets are blue
The best thing that happened to me was you xx

Well, it’s my second mothers day today and I must say it is all together a different experience from last year.

LMM’s Daycare had a mother’s day morning tea on Thursday and I was treated to songs and pictures and a mother’s day cake (Michaela ate my cake, I only got a bite, oh well them’s the breaks when you have a child!) I left daycare on cloud nine. It’s been said before, but I will say it again, it’s the little things in life. Getting home-made pictures and a card from your child is better than any bought present (ok look if someone wanted to buy me an Island for mother’s day I certainly wouldn’t say no and it would definitely be very close to beating my daughters present, but not quite!)

First hand-made mothers day card from LMM xx
First hand-made mothers day card from LMM xx

This morning I wake up to mothers day cards and a family project for the day. To paint a picture for the wall together and then bake some homemade cookies. Now I’m not very good at the old baking thing, but I think I’ve picked up a thing or two from watching the UK’s Best British Bake off.

Flowers that will last forever :0
Flowers that will last forever :0

My life has definitely changed; I have immersed myself in being a mother and I love every second of it.

Is it hard? Hell yes, there are days I wander how I haven’t gone crazy and pulled all my hair out. Do I sometimes wish I could go to the toilet on my own, or do anything on my own? Absolutely; although there is something to be said about having constant entertainment free of charge with you 24/7. Do I get any sleep? No! I have learnt to go to work and get on with my day with as little as 2 hours sleep. I’m hoping a little Botox which is on the cards will remedy the circles under my eyes!

Regardless of these things it’s all worth it. The love you get from your child cannot even start to be explained in words. It’s in their smile, their laugh, the way they hold you when their tired or sad or crying. Or how when you say to them ‘Can I have a kiss?’ They pucker up their little lips and smack a wet one right on your lips and its the best feeling in the world.

When you here them say mummy (LMM sounds equally adorable when she calls out in her Little voice DADDY) your heart skips a beat and when you look at them and see how happy and truly loved they are you pray that nothing can ever take that away from them or you.

Happy mothers day to all the mummy’s out there. Cherish each and every day with your child (or children) and don’t let any opportunity to make them happy pass you by, because ultimately it will make you happy too. xx

It must be love, love, love xx
It must be love, love, love xx

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One thought on “Mother’s Day xx”

  1. I am so glad this year was better than last year. I laughed when you talked about LMM following you around, even going to the toilet, the reason being Teengirl is 17 and she follows me around the house, sometimes I don’t mind but other times it’s OMG give me space. Maybe it’s girls and maybe it’s because of how close they are with us don’t know.
    I love your card and picture. Enjoy your cookies. Xxxx

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