Protect, Love, Cherish

I look at my daughter as she lies on the couch asleep next to me and the love I feel for her knows no bounds. The need to protect her from the evils in the world consume my daily thoughts and makes me want to cherish her all the more.

It is inconceivable to me that there is anyone that can hurt a child. The innocence that they have when they look at you and smile or laugh or cry is something that no one has the right to take away – yet it happens every second of every day. There is some monster out there that feels the need to extinguish the flame of light that only a child has.

More and more over the last couple of months as I hear one story after another of men and women abusing children, murdering children or neglecting children it fills me with anguish and makes me hold my daughter all the more tightly. But it also does something else to me; it makes me feel fear. Fear that while in my hands my child will never be anything but loved, protected and cherished there are those that live out there in my child’s world that would mean to cause her harm.

There is already so much that can affect a child’s life and make it difficult – Be it poor health, poverty, disability or any other manner of things. Why are there those that prey on the innocence of a child. A child that has no means to fight back, to speak up for itself, to be heard. A child who only wants to be loved, protected, to feel safe and secure. Brutal monsters that deserve the worst punishment that could be placed upon anyone. The weakness that must be inside them as a human to show such brutality to a child that cannot defend itself or fight back.

My heart is filled with love and sorrow for any child that is wronged by those that should be protecting them. I say this because as far as I’m concerned whether a child is yours or not we all have an obligation to love, protect and cherish every child born into this world. I sometimes wish that I could take in every child that needs it, or lock up any person that could potentially cause harm to a child. If only we had the ability to be able to pick them out; if only we could get rid of them before they have the chance to hurt a child. If only I knew with 100% certainty that without me or her daddy near her my daughter would be safe.

I know that there will be those out there that will say there are reasons why people do what they do to children. Listen you don’t need to tell me I did sociology and psychology at university. I’ve read all the theory and psychology on people that commit violent crimes against children. However none of that even registers on your brain once you have a child. All of a sudden every child is your child. I can’t even watch a baby cry on T.V anymore without the tears streaming down my eyes and that’s just make believe. My heart shatters into a million pieces when I hear or read real life stories of the things that are done to children.

My daughter is a spoilt, loved and fiercely protected little Madame. I only wish that every child had her life. That’s why if I’m out and I meet a child I try to make them smile or laugh. You never know if that’s the only kindness they’ve been shown that day. Every time you get the chance to cuddle a child, or show them kindness or make them laugh or stop it from crying or make a positive change in its life take it. The child may not be yours but surely a child can’t be shown too much kindness and love. As you read the horrific stories that are recorded daily let’s try and make a difference in as many children’s lives as we can.

After all children bring so much joy to our lives. The wonder that they have for the world around them, the way that small things make them happy and the strangest things keep them occupied. The pure innocence that is a child as they go about their day to day lives and look up at those they trust. They find curiosity in everyday life and laugh at….well anything. Not a bad bone lies within their little bodies. Only within the bodies of man does there lie evil and the ability to do harm to those that cannot protect and defend themselves.

My heart goes out to all the children that never got the chance to grow at the hands of those that shouldn’t be allowed to go on.

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One thought on “Protect, Love, Cherish”

  1. I was so full of emotion reading this blog. I actually had goosebumps thinking of the poor children who are abused, and suffer unfortunate circumstances in their childhoods. I applaud what you had to say, as abuse to children is a very big passion of mine, I deplore the thought of those adults that commit such heinous crimes against children. A mother can never let her child out of her sight not for a moment. Safety has to be unfortunately taught to our little ones from an early age. Fantastic blog, and a real heartfelt subject. Well Written!!!

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