Clear to the foggy eye!

Standing Bleary eyed in front of the fridge at 3.30am with a screaming child in my arms in pain and wanting relief I fumble for the panadol and nurophen bottles. With eyes squinting and glasses cleary not working I struggle to double check the measurements of the dose I’m meant to give LMM. 

Now don’t get me wrong in the two years since LMM was born I’ve had to give her nurophen and panadol before and even though I know the dosage like the back of my hand relegiously I double check the dosage before I give her any medication. You just can’t be too careful when it comes to giving any medication to your little one.

Now at the best of times it’s hard to read the mls to be given and how often to give it but when you wear glasses like I do and your tired and it’s 3.30am it is quite frankly impossible to read the instructions.

Here I am standing in front of the fridge with LMM screaming in my arms and all I can think is for f’s sake why don’t they make the writing on the instruction section larger. 

The instructions on the bottles are so small it amazes me that people with perfect vision can read them let alone the visually challenged like myself. When it comes to giving medications to our precious little ones I have come to the conclusion that pharmaceutical companies should make it as visible and clear as possible so that there is no room for error and so that it could be seen by even the most visually of challenged people or just saying from the other side of the room (just to play it safe!) xx

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